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Our Programmes

What is it?

We have developing new programmes all the time to help you be able to access  more information to help change your life.

We have programmes to help you make changes in your life, your job, create a stronger mindset.

We also have programmes to help with menopause, and Nutrition , pelvic health.

Thees programmes run for 4 -1 2 weeks long and have payment plans to go with them if needed.

Also  Due to the nature of how Iyengar teachers are trained along with the fact that Janine is qualified in pre, post natal and pelvic health you will be looked after along the journey, from before, during and after birth. The practise of Yoga helps in many ways and the principles of strength, stamina and alignment are all still very much present as we seek to prepare our clients to maintain their health.

If you have been practicing yoga you are very welcome in our Introductory yoga courses as Iyengar teachers are fully qualified to assist your needs. However it is not advised to start  if you are new to yoga.

Janine has supported many clients along the way and they continue to work with her today.

Who’s it for?

Our programmes are open to anyone who what’s to improve themselves mentally, physically and emotionally.  To those wanting to change direction in life and find a happier way to be.



Iyengar Yoga Taster Session

Never done yoga and want to give it a try?


Why should I get involved?

With all that has happened in the world recently change is empowering and finding what makes us happy and balanced is even more important

When are the sessions?

Our Programmes they run online via zoom and Facebook to make it convenient for you to join.

What do I do next?

Simply book on in advance  payment plan can be arranged and all the relevant information with be sent to you. Be ready to relax and work with your instructor to centre on elements that will help you during the programme.