Pre-natal? Post-natal? Trying to conceive?

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What is it?

Due to the nature of how Iyengar teachers are trained along with the fact that Janine is qualified in pre, post natal and pelvic health you will be looked after along the journey, from before, during and after birth. The practise of Yoga helps in many ways and the principles of strength, stamina and alignment are all still very much present as we seek to prepare our clients to maintain their health.

If you have been practicing yoga you are very welcome in our Introductory yoga courses as Iyengar teachers are fully qualified to assist your needs. However it is not advised to start  if you are new to yoga.

Janine has supported many clients along the way and they continue to work with her today.

Who’s it for?

Our courses are suitable for ladies at any stage of their pregnancy, and for those who have also already had their baby and are looking to recover both mentally and physically. The information on how to keep your pelvis healthy is a benefit to all  but particularly our post natal  women. Having a babies at any point in the past 24 months still counts as post-natal.

We also have couple join together which is the beauty of it being part of our normal Introductory courses.



Iyengar Yoga Taster Session

Never done yoga and want to give it a try?


Why should I get involved?

Pregnancy and childbirth, and even preparing your body for conception, can be deeply stressful and challenging times for your mind and body that will change you in permanent ways. If you fall into any of these groups, then you and your baby can only benefit from the positive effects of our courses.

You will be guided on what to do and given poses to suit your needs when necessary, adapted for pre and post-natal clients, our sessions are planned, monitored and delivered by qualified specialists who bring a wealth of traditional and alternative approaches and experiences to the role.

When are the sessions?

Please take a look at our timetable for our course running on Monday, Tuesdays,  and Thursday evenings but alternatively you can book in for a one-to-one session.


What do I do next?

Simply book on in advance to a class or workshop, turn up dressed comfortably, and be ready to relax and work with your instructor to centre on elements that will help you during pregnancy and prepare you for after the birth.

Birth partners are of course welcome, and feel free to chat with our team both before and after your session, as we work closely with midwives and women’s health physiotherapists to provide the best information, advice and guidance possible. As our sessions are a little different to traditional western classes, prepare to have an open mind!