Reiki & Personal Coaching
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Cool your mind, clear your focus, breathe energy into your mind and body.


Reiki & Personal Coaching

What is it?

Reiki is and ancient Japanese word meaning “Spiritual energy” or “universal Life force energy” and is a form of healing. At Yoga Place north we offer Usui Reiki sessions which is a system which is safe, gentle, non-intrusive, healing technique. There is no pressure or manipulation or massage but the treatments helps balance the chakras, release stress and tensions and  harmonise all aspects of yourself. It helps relieve anxiety and stress which is toxic in out body.

It is a 1 hour session with Janine.

Personal Coaching  is a 1-1 session working on what ever your need to help you. It may be you’re want to get your nutrition in a better place or you want to correct some habits in the mind and body.  You may wish to understand your yoga poses more of improve an injury . No matter what your goal is a 1-1 is a way of getting deeper understanding of yourself your body and your mindset.

The Yoga place north loves taking people on a path to Wellness promoting personal transformation.  We used ancient yoga philosophies in a simple way to help you and we believe that you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your own wellness and understand the importance of self care in order to develop everything that you will learn in our wellness community. For example, our nutrition sessions won’t just tell you what to eat, but will educate you around the effects that different foods and eating habits can have on your body and mental wellbeing.

Who’s it for?

Clients often come to The Yoga Place North because they feel stressed, anxious, or in need of clarity on either a physical or mental level. They feel that either something is missing, or that they need something ‘more’ when it comes to achieving a state of happiness and wellbeing. Whilst our Personal coaching and Reiki and courses are open to all those who are open to possibility, development and change in terms of their own health and wellbeing, we also work well as part of a key team here at our wellness hub to ensure that we can signpost our yoga clients to work with our team to gain a more wholistic benefit to their health and wellbeing.

Seeing as we always hear people saying “But I’m too stiff to do yoga!”, the 1-1 sessions can get to the point in the body and mind where this is help and help you release what is holding you back, and for anyone who has  experienced injury or physical limitations and would like to ‘come back’ from these.



Iyengar Yoga Taster Session

Never done yoga and want to give it a try?


Why should I get involved?

Put simply, if you’ve ever taken an interest in anything from reflexology to reiki, or would be open to learning about anything from revamping your image to realigning your entire body through movement, we’re confident we have something for you at The Yoga Place North. If you want to feel good inside and out, and look good whilst you do it, then this is the part of our site for you. Cool your mind, clear your focus, and align your mind and body. Most of all, get ready to start transforming your life on a personal and spiritual level.

All of our Path to Wellness sessions – like our yoga – exist to bring together a community; a place to bond and form friendships through meditation, movement, nutrition, and discussion of the philosophies that will ultimately make us feel better, move better, and live better.

When are the sessions?

These sessions are booked on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or weekend. A block of 3 sessions is recommended but single sessions can be booked.


What do I do next?

If you’re undecided about the sessions we offer, give Janine a call on 07968757016 for a quick chat about your needs. Or, if you feel that you could benefit from a more in-depth assessment of what may be the most beneficial session or course for you here at The Yoga Place North, book in for a one-to-one hour-long consultation to assess your physical and mental needs. These are priced at just £45 and are available to all.