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10+ years


Janine Noblett is a registered and qualified IYENGAR® Yoga instructor.

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About Us

Janine has been running The Yoga Place North in Adlington since 2007. Prior to this, she was active out in the community as a professional Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Leisure Manager, Educational coach, assessor and Yoga teacher. Janine is proud to be a Junior Intermediate Level 2 Iyenga Yoga Instructor, having completed her training at the prestigious Manchester and District Iyenga Yoga Institute. In order to be accepted onto this sought-after pathway, She needed to show a minimum of three years of yoga practice with and Iyengar teacher, plus a formal recommendation to the teaching course from her own teacher at the time. Pass rates on the teaching course are hard to achieve due to the high quality of teachers Iyengar turns out, due to this Janine believes that it was her hard work, focus and passion for yoga and how the body and mind works that gave her the drive to get her where she is today so that she may inspire others.

Janine continues to developed her knowledge with continual training  in yoga with senior teachers and also outside the yoga world. She has trained with The British Mindfulness Academy  so she can and introduce the methods learnt into her courses to help peoples awareness grow. The more we connect with our Physical body the better equipped we are to being mindful in situations of our mat to. Mindfulness is part of the Yoga journey  and the yoga philosophy’s Janine brings it to the mat in simple easy ways to understand and implement in your life.  The journey also takes us towards meditation which  Janine practises daily and is trained in various ways to bring this to you.

The Yoga Place North &  Movement. 

With a passion of how the body works and the effects it has on your health and wellbeing we incorporate this in what we do at the Yoga Place North. As an ex dancer Janine believes that your body is made to move and be strong but flexible so she loves helping people get rid of ingrained bad habits to create new ones to improve their health. Janine soon realised that clients she worked with started on the physical elements of getting healthy in the gym or classes but with her coaching they soon wanted to understand more about the health effects to.

“The methods of bio-mechanics of the body is embedded in how we work in Iyengar yoga which is why I love to explore on our mat making it assessable to all.” Janine

So, why Iyenga Yoga at the heart of all we do here at The Yoga Place North?  Janine’s story.
Several years ago, I suffered through the trauma of being in a car accident. In terms of recovery, I was prescribed treatment via pain management. This didn’t sit well with who I am and how I go about my life, so I opted for self-care. As the accident impacted on my own teaching and instructing within fitness, I did my research and started to look for yoga classes to attend. I discovered that most classes and forms of the discipline couldn’t accommodate me and my situation… until I found Iyenga Yoga. I loved the class, found it completely accessible, and got so much out of the fact that the instructor really ‘spoke my language’. With the fact that the moves were relevant to everyday life and that the practice was backed up by theory and education of how to make your body work better for you, I felt sure that not only had I found the right class, but that I’d found a vocation.

At The Yoga Place North, our clients quickly become family. At our studio here at the wellness hub, everyone is free from their role as a parent, worker, child or anything else that sees them defined by society. Yoga forms just the start of the pathway we have for self-improvement, wellbeing and fulfilment, so come along, try something new, and just be you.


Restorative Yoga
To compliment all we do in Iyengar yoga we offer specific restorative sessions which is the Yin to our yang life style. These sessions are a perfect way to treat your body to some much needed attention to open you up and unblock your body so we can get you moving and getting into your poses better . We allow time and breath to assist you in marinating in the pose to get the fascia opening and hydrated. The results are similar to having a massage, with out needing to use the dreaded foam roller!

So no matter if you’re a fitness fanatic, Pregnant, recovering from injuries, play tennis, golf, love to run or if your just looking for lifestyle changes we have the experience and knowledge to help you.