Set Yourself Up for the Day With the Magic of Yoga

In Just 4 days I will introduce you to the fabulous benefits of a daily yoga practise

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Too often I hear people saying how their day is rushed and unorganised which has a negative impact on their body leading to stress and anxiety.

A daily Yoga practise can help set you up for the day ahead no matter what your challenges are or whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced enthusiast.

My unique 4 day programme will give you opportunity to try Iyengar Yoga or build on your existing practise to feel the positive benefits of a morning routine.

You will be activating the magic of what yoga can do to help you set up your day.

I literally can’t wait to share the magic of yoga with you!

  • Our journey together will begin at 8.00 AM on Monday 29 March 2021 LIVE in my FACEBOOK group – Soul Transformation Tribe
  • You don’t need to do anything other than show up as yourself
  • I will take you by the hand and show you how a morning yoga practice can help start your day with ease and simplicity

And while you’re waiting to get started, I’ll also share with you my own calming meditation – a super powerful way to give yourself 5 mins breathing space gaining confidence and clarity.

All you have to do to join me on Monday and receive your meditation gift is enter your details below.


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