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Below you will find many comments from our happy clients. And yes, they are available on request.

I have been doing yoga with Janine for a couple of years now and can honestly say I feel so much better. Although not perfect ,I feel my shape has changed, for the better, I have more strength and energy and feel I can breathe much better. My posture has improved and I feel taller, I can actually reach into kitchen cupboards I used to need to stand on a chair for. I can recommend Janine’s classes for everyone no matter what size, shape or age, you are always welcomed and encouraged.
Margaret, Chorley


 Janine of Yoga Place North has transformed my past perception of yoga. Since starting 6 months ago I am noting improvement in my posture, flexibility and strength – enabling me to progress my triathlon training with an improved range of movement and confidence. As a 32 year old male with a demanding work schedule, I now recognise my yoga sessions as an opportunity to combine training, stretching and relaxation within a very professional, informative and reassuringly structured programme.  With full respect for Janine and the practice of yoga I look forward to further progress, achievement & relaxation in 2015.
Neil, Heath Charnock


 Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to Iyengar Yoga and finally getting me on a mat!  Since starting with Janine at Yoga Place North I have been feeling a lot better both physically and emotionally.  I previously suffered numerous SI Joint incidents per year that have been reoccurring for the past seven years and commonly required Chiropractor sessions.  Further to a number of courses I’ve not experienced another incident and hoping to keep it that way.  I now try to manage my busy working schedule to plan an hour of me and yoga time every week.  I find Janine’s teaching style very approachable, easy to follow and most of all, you always make everyone feel comfortable.
Looking into it, I found the whole yoga scene to be quite intimidating for a beginner man.  However, Janine really did reset my expectations and provides classes of varying ability for both men and women.  For all the men out there…You will not be disappointed and I have recommended Iyengar Yoga and Yoga Place North to many of my friends and work colleagues.  Keep up the great work and already looking forward to my next course!
Jason, Heath Charnock


Janine’s yoga classes have helped me a lot.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago which resulted in me getting Lymphedema.  This has caused restricted mobility of my right arm.  I started going to Janine’s yoga classes about 12 months ago and now do 2 classes a week.  Since starting yoga I have noticed a huge improvement in the mobility of my arm and can do more of the moves.  Janine has helped me understand how to use my body correctly.  Janine is aware of my health issues and has always encouraged and supported me during classes and knows my limitations.  I would encourage anybody to attend Janines yoga classes, her understanding of how the body moves and commitment to helping you improve has been up-lifting.  Yoga is a great way of keeping positive during difficult times so thanks to Janine who is a brilliant teacher.
Diane, Chorley


Before I started Yoga with Janine I needed a sports massage on my neck and shoulder area every week to relieve the stiffness and pain.  Since Janine persuaded me to start yoga I have not needed a massage for at least 8 months.  I also have a lower back problem which Janine has helped me with by teaching me how to strengthen my legs and get my body moving better so now it is relieved greatly by doing regular yoga, I do Janine’s classes twice a week.  I trust Janine and she encourages you individually as well as in a group.
It really does work, I love it!
Irene, Horwich


I have been attending Iyenga Yoga with Janine for over three years. After many different exercise classes over the years,  I can honestly say that I have finally found the one for me.
One of the things Iyenga yoga teaches you is body awareness and I am often amazed by how toned and flexible I have become, and although I do other types of exercise I feel that Iyenga yoga has given me good muscle strength and self confidence.
Janine holds different levels of classes beginners to improvers, which means you can develop over time to more advanced practise when the time is right for you.
Janine is an excellent teacher; she is personable and often adds humour, which helps you through the difficult poses! Janine’s classes are full of variety and she is open to trying new ways to help people understand the way your body should be in the poses. After yoga class I always know which areas of the body Janine had been concentrating on, because I ache (Its a good ache!) in those areas two days later!
I would highly recommend Iyenga Yoga with Janine.
Jane, Adlington


I have a very busy work life, with a very stressful, pressurised job. Janine’s weekly yoga class is a real oasis of calm!  I always feel wonderful after it, and I am sure my body has changed shape (for the better!) as a result of it.
Thank you Janine.
Jenny, Adlington


I have attended Janine’s Iyengar  yoga classes for some five years and can honestly say I have enjoyed every session. Janine has the ability to make everyone feel welcome and tailor her teaching to suit individual needs in a very supportive manner. Her natural enthusiasm and desire to further her own knowledge ensures that each session is both interesting and informative.
Iyengar yoga has made a real difference to my overall health and well being – I have a greater awareness of my body and am developing the ability to focus on my practice by, as Janine would say, “shutting out the chatter of everyday”. Many aches and niggles have subsided and I now find myself able to work in poses that five years ago I wouldn’t of thought possible.
Janine makes yoga accessible to everyone, in fact, my husband and seventeen year old son have recently joined and are thoroughly enjoying the challenge. If you are interested in yoga I would highly recommend attending one of Janine’s classes.
Alison, Adlington


I first tried yoga over 10 years ago and although I enjoyed it, it never really became a major part of my life. Since then, I had bouts of meaning to take it up again, but things always got in the way. After moving back to Adlington when my five year old was born, I found out about a local class just down the road and finally got round to signing up last year. Now I know I should have done it sooner!
As well as easing my back troubles immensely, the classes help me relax – no mean feat for me as I struggle to switch off and I love the hour a week to myself. Yoga has really helped me, physically and emotionally.
Starting out can be nerve wracking as you presume everyone has been doing it for ages but the classes are really friendly, everyone goes at their own pace and we have a bit of a laugh as well! The best bit about the classes are that we do something different each week and Janine really works us hard so it feels worthwhile the next day.
For me, the best bit is the way Janine encourages you to push yourself and have a go, I always surprise myself and it means my confidence builds each time.
Alison, Adlington