Yoga increases stamina, flexibility and will improve your posture. Many people find it promotes a feeling of wellbeing as well as improved energy levels. It is a great way to de-stress the muscles after training sessions such as cycling, walking, and running or general fitness classes. Yoga improves mobility which improves your quality of life.

Wear comfortable clothing which allows your body to move freely. Not baggy trousers as I need to be able to see how your legs are working. We do not wear socks during the class; however warm clothing is advised for the relaxation session at the end of the class.

Please bring a yoga mat with you; all other equipment you may need to assist you can be bought from The Yoga Place North.

If you are new to Yoga, pregnancy is not a time to start participating in classes. If you regularly participate in Yoga, it is a lovely way to go through your pregnancy. Please call to discuss further with your tutor.

It is not ideal to have a heavy meal within 3 hours before your practice. Also you need to be well hydrated before you practice.

The Yoga poses are designed to release tension in the body. It also works on the internal systems such as nervous, adrenal & digestive system. After the main poses are completed you will achieve an effective relaxation session which takes place at the end of each class.

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