Ok, I’m ready to Yoga…But where do I start…

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New clients often tell me they are to ‘stiff’ to do yoga, this is exactly the reason why you should start!
Career, housework, stress and lifestyle all put strain on your body.  Other forms of exercise can strain muscles and put pressure on bones and joints making regular movements seem hard. Yoga will help rejuvenate and overcome the limitations of your body.

The introductory course teaches you the basic poses and helps you achieve:

  • Correct posture and movement
  • Improve breathing & increase energy
  • Tone the body, muscles, gaining strength & stability
  • Strengthens bones
Physical well-being strengthens and calms the mind. You will be given step by step instruction allowing you to explore your potential and get balance throughout your body.

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Once you have established the basic poses and gained stability, strength & stamina, we can develop your yoga deeper.  With your new found strength we will develop the basic poses introducing more complex ways of moving your body whilst incorporating new poses.

This will help you to :

  • Soothe & relax the mind
  • Stimulate & calm the brain
  • Work on your glands & vital organs
  • Gain greater muscular and bone strength
Still providing support and encouragement to you as you continue on your yoga journey with us.

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In the Mixed Ability classes there are people working at introductory & improver levels together.  With the same quality of teaching you would expect in any other class with Yoga Place North.

You will be guided at your particular level during the class and encouraged along the way.  Still keeping focus on:

  • Stability
  • Alignment
  • Precision of the poses
  • Stamina
You will gain all the benefits of the poses you get in Introductory & Improvers classes too.

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What is so different about a workshop?

These morning or day sessions help to deepen your experience of Iyengar yoga whilst exploring new and different poses.  Each workshop may have a particular focus i.e. doing yoga with ropes or showing you poses to help with stress and relaxation etc.

You may also experience guest Iyengar teachers who will help to develop your journey of Yoga.  Its a great way of socialising through yoga too.  You don’t have to have been on a Yoga Place North course to attend but you do need some experience of yoga and your own equipment.

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We can take the stress out of your day and make you and your team be more productive with a fresh approach to the workplace.  These classes are tailor made to suit your business. More businesses are introducing yoga to their working week and have seen great benefits.

Employees will have:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better motivation
  • Better posture so will feel refreshed in their bodies and minds
  • More focused to deal with customers or accounts in a positive way

Employers will notice:

  • Better productivity
  • Lower sickness levels
  • Happy healthier workforce
  • A reputation for looking after their employees

(a minimum of 12 people are required dependant on available space/size or the room).

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At an early age we can plant positive seeds to help our children lead healthy more active lifestyles. With Fun being the main focus in these classes we get children moving in poses and learning about the body and how it works. There are many great benefits to our children doing yoga:

  • Enhances concentration
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Maintains flexible & strong growing bodies
  • Encourages kinder peer and social interaction
  • Enhances their imagination
these sessions can be delivered in schools

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Iyengar Yoga Taster Session...

Yoga Taster

Never done yoga and want to give it a try?…Yoga is accessible to all – men, women and children, athletes and office workers alike.  We offer introductory classes to help you learn the foundation poses and get you on your way.  Easy to follow, step by step, no sweating required.

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Your Iyengar Teacher...


Janine started Yoga 10yrs ago after a car accident.  I tried lots of different styles of Yoga before falling in love with the Iyengar methods.  Iyengar allowed my body to repair and become stronger, reducing my back and neck pain.
I got my life back!

More About Me…

Janine is trained in the Iyengar tradition and is certified by the IYA (UK)

This entitles her to use the Iyengar Certification Mark: an indication of high quality training endorsed by BKS Iyengar in Pune, India.

Don't take our word for it!...

We have many happy clients and our client base is growing all the time.

I have a very busy work life, with a very stressful, pressurised job. Janine’s weekly yoga class is a real oasis of calm!  I always feel wonderful after it, and I am sure my body has changed shape (for the better!) as a result of it.
Thank you Janine.
Jenny, Adlington

Still not sure, please read further testimonials.  All comments and testimonials provided by our clients are available on request.

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Your in safe hands...

Janine is also a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association UK www.iyengaryoga.org.uk & Manchester Iyengar Yoga institute www.mdiiy.org.uk. and regularly attends classes for teachers to keep up to date. Iyengar Yoga high teaching standards are part of the reason Iyengar Yoga is the most widely performed method of yoga worldwide. The Certification Mark is the guarantee of this quality.

MDIIY Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark
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